Fidel Castro toilet paper by is boosting Miami’s economy!

Fidel Castro Toilet Paper

It appears the death of Fidel Castro has helped one of our longstanding customers.

As part of a party kit celebrating the death of Fidel Castro, which owner of Sentir Cubano Maria Vazquez has been selling
for more than ten years, you will find a roll of printed toilet paper emblazoned with the former dictator’s face.

On Saturday, the shop sold more than 120 kits and even more online.


Classic Gift for the Groomsmen

fiance's groomsmen gift

So your fiancé has you on notice… The Bachelor Party plans have been made. You hope the best man has a modicum of respect for your feelings and will keep the festivities within legal limits.

One of our recent customers had a great idea:

“This is for my fiance’s bachelor party. It’s a gift to his groomsmen for the weekend. They’re all old friends from high school and have a very fun, joking friendship. I thought they would all get a good laugh at having my fiance’s face on toilet paper.”

Well played young lady!

You’ll never forget your favorite toilet!

Talk about an eclectic collection of toilets in exotic, outlandish, and even amusing locations!

This new pictorial guide from Lonely Planet – Toilets: A Spotter’s Guide, is a pretty cool way to pass the time while you  “cop a squat”.

Olaf Menz/500p

We can only hope that if you happen to seek adventure and travel to any one of these stunning toilets, you will bring along one of our printed rolls of TP or even some Tushues Mini-Rolls and snap a photo for us!

PS. Don’t forget a pack of Tushues Seat Covers too!

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Artisanal Toilet Paper?

Quilted Northern, launched a new “artisanal” toilet paper line called Rustic Weave.

“The demand for simple, handcrafted, heritage products is stronger than ever, but no toilet paper satisfies this growing sector,” a company press release states. “The teams quickly realized that in order to create the next breakthrough innovation they needed to go back to the drawing board to create something more bespoke.”

April Fools!

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